Saturday, February 19, 2011


Throughout my career in healthcare I have often wondered where my 'checkered' path would lead. From the first stirrings of interest in caring for people that resulted in several years as a CNA in both long term care and critical care (a combination that on the surface appears incongruous), through Nursing School, through the difficult decision to not attend Medical School, to insurance, back to long term care, back to critical care and finally to Nursing Administration, I have built an enormous repository of skills, knowledge and understanding of the needs of people, systems, institutions and organizations. All of which I must now call on to take this next step in my 'caring' career.

I love Maine. It is my home, it is my heritage, it is my future. In all my travels, when the end of time away approaches, my head, heart and soul turn northeast and I know when I get off the plane, bus or car it will be the Maine air that welcomes me, soothes me and allows me the comfort of home. I breathe here.

We can make it better, this Maine that I love. I believe that. I know that. To be entrusted with such responsibility is humbling, frightening, but trusted we are and with that trust we will take our first steps, my first steps, and carry with me all that I know, all that I have learned and all that I love.